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Asgard Photography


Before I had an actually decent digital camera, I first had the chance to play around with some early amateur digital cameras from various sources. And when I got my first cell phone that also took photos I went nuts with it. I'm currently a fan of and am using a Canon 80D, with a few different lenses. My main interest is landscapes and wildlife, and getting outdoors with my camera has become a huge sanity builder.

At the moment, you can find most of my newer photos on my hardly-ever-viewed photo blog at or it's associated Facebook page (though Facebook just has posts shared from the blog site.) I picked the name Asgard Photography to connect with my Norse roots... my dad had done something similar when he got into photography, though he called his Norwegian Images.

The following are roughly in order from newest to oldest in terms of cameras used, though I don't remember at this point where a couple of the cameras came from. The very first one was "borrowed" from a department at NMU I did some website work for. I only needed the camera for a short bit for work, but ended up hanging on to it for quite a while. Road-side views were the first thing to catch my attention.

Canon 70D & 80D
Motorola DROIDX
Canon PowerShot G2
Samsung Digimax 301

Ajax - a Photo Challenge

While trying to learn more advanced photography skills, one of the common things you run across is the idea of things like a "365 day challenge" where you take a photo each day, etc. I did that early on, which ended up being harder than I'd thought - you can view it on Facebook. Some days you just don't feel like trying to be creative. Taking a second crack at something similar, I decided to give myself a theme to help with ideas. Ajax was born. A toy figure of a "YouTuber" (with a different name) became the central character in what was meant to be a year long narrative. I didn't end up making it the full year, as life intruded with it's own drama, but you can scroll through Facebook album to see all of the photos along with the narrative, which was completely made up as I went along.

Here's a few of my favorite photos from the Ajax run...